Thursday, March 31, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - Joe's Social Security Application

This is the very first document that I received concerning Joe.

I treasure this document because it was the key and the first step in discovering more about him and who his parents were.

He was 14 years old when he received a Social Security number.  He was working at Rosetta Food Store on 89 Maverick St. in East Boston. He lived on 95 Maverick St.

View Larger Map               89 Maverick Street today.

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95 Maverick Street Today.

According to Google Maps Joe lived a hop, skip, and a jump away from what used to be the Rosetta Food Store.

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I haven't been able to find what happened to the Rosetta Food Store.  

Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome to Joe's Place

Welcome to Joe's!  I decided that Joe and his ancestors deserve their own little place, so here we are (like my 3 other blogs aren't enough).

I am going to go ahead and move all the posts about Joe from my other blogs to this one, but I am going to repost one here:

Amanuensis Monday - Enlistment Contract

It was back in 2001 when I found hubby's father.  Unfortunately he had passed away in 1992.  Since then I have tried to find anything I can to shed some light on who he was.

This first document that I obtained was his death certificate, followed by his social security application.  In 2002 I was fortunate enough to get his military personell  file as well as his medical records.  Within these files is a wealth of information, with a hint of family history.

I decided to transcribe some of these records Amanuensis Monday and I want to start with his first enlistment contract dated October 29, 1957.

Enlistment Contract

1. Service Number: 9028255
2. Name: MANGIAFICO, Joseph Leonard
3. Rate Abbrev.: SR
4. Years Education: 7
5. Place of Birth: Boston, Mass.
6. Date of Birth: 20 Aug 39
7. Religion: Catholic
8. Citizenship: US
9. Marital Status: Single
10. Home Address: Everett, Middlesex, Mass.
11. Social Sec. No.: xxx xx 2684
12. Date of Enlistment: 29 Oct 57
13. Enlisted/Reenlisted in U. S. Navy: First enlistment
14. Branch & Class: USN
15. Term of Enlistment: 04 years
16. Enlistment Code: 1
17. Date Mil. Obl. Incurred: 29 Oct 57
18. Mil. OBL. Designator: A
19. Name of Activity Effecting Enlistment: US NAV CRUITSTA ONOP     BOSTON, MASS
20. Accepted at: Chelsea, Mass
21. Enlisted at: Boston, Mass.
22. Entitled to reen Bonus: No
23. Selective Service Local Board Number: 103, Everett, Middlesex, Mass.
24. Selective Service Number:
Not Assigned
25. AFQT Score: #6-32%
26. Prior Mil. Service: No
32. Active Duty Base Date: 10-57
33. Date Transferred: 29 Oct 57
34. Transferred to: NTC GREAT LATKES, ILL.
36. Description-Race: Caucasion Sex: male Color Hair: brown Color Eyes: brown Height: 64 1/2 Weight: 124 Complexion; ruddy
37. Marks and Scars: VSULA;S1/2"Forehead; OPS-RLQ;S1/2"RtKnee:

Signature: Joseph Leonard Mangiafico
29th day of October 1957

Report of Medical Examination

1. Last Name-First Name-Middle Name: MANGIAFICO, Joseph Leonard
3. Identification No. 9028255
4. Home Address: 13 Timothy Ave., Everett, Mass.
5. Purpose of Examination: Enlistment USN
6. Date of Examination: 16 Apr 57
7. Sex: M
8. Race: Cau
12. Date of Birth: 20 Aug 39
13. Place of Birth: Boston, Mass.
14. Name, Relationship and Address of Next of Kin: Paul Mangiafico (F) Same as #4
15. Examining Facility or Examiner and Address: AF ES, Army Base, Boton 10, Mass.
39. Identifying body Marks,Scars, Tattoos: VS ULA S1*2" forehead APP: scar solid S1/2" rt knee TT: Eagle and Clasped Hands and "Joe" RUA
44. Remarks and Additional Dental Defects and Diseases: Acceptable
45. Urinalysis: 1.016
46. Chest x-ray: AF ES Boston 16 Apr 57 neg
47. Serology: Hinton- neg mf
51. Height: 64 1/2
52. 124
53. Color Hair: brown
54. Color Eyes: brown
55. Build: slender
56. Temp. N
57. Blood Pressure: 110/60
58. Pulse: 72
59. Distant Vision: 20/20
64. Color Vision: normal BY AOC 1940
70. Hearing: 15/15
77. Examinee: is Qualified for Enlistment in the U.S. Navy for duty at sea and for foreign service.
79. Typed or Printed Name of Physician: CARL YUNGHANS, LT (MC) USNR

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Beatrice Mangiafico Marmorale

The following obituary was taken from the Vazza Funeral Home website back in 2003. It is no longer available there.

Aunt Bea, as she was fondly remembered, was the sister of hubby's father. Unfortunately, we never got to meet neither one of them. I had only discovered her in November of 2002 when I finally found three of hubby's siblings in Massachusetts, thanks to public records and the widow of Joseph Leonard Mangiafico.

After making contact with sister in MA, I found out about the two oldest siblings that they have never been able to find (mainly because someone didn't want them to, that's another story). The first time hubby got to talk to said sister in MA was when she called on his 40th birthday. He said, "That's the best birthday present I could have got."

Twelve days later, I found the two older ones in Florida. I gave sister in Massachusetts the phone number for brother in Florida and vise versa. They made contact for the first time. In December of 2002 I discovered yet another brother in Mass. He is only 2 years older than my oldest son.

In March of 2003 we were finally able to take a vacation to Florida and meet brother and sister.  A couple of weeks after we got back to Idaho we got the news of aunt Bea's passing.  It was her funeral that brought the two in Florida and the three in Mass together for the first time.

Five months later, we moved to Florida and here we are still. There are still two brothers in Mass that we need to meet as well as several rumored siblings that I have no idea how to find.

I will always consider bringing hubby and his family together one of my greatest accomplishments.