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Welcome to Joe's Place

Welcome to Joe's!  I decided that Joe and his ancestors deserve their own little place, so here we are (like my 3 other blogs aren't enough).

I am going to go ahead and move all the posts about Joe from my other blogs to this one, but I am going to repost one here:

Amanuensis Monday - Enlistment Contract

It was back in 2001 when I found hubby's father.  Unfortunately he had passed away in 1992.  Since then I have tried to find anything I can to shed some light on who he was.

This first document that I obtained was his death certificate, followed by his social security application.  In 2002 I was fortunate enough to get his military personell  file as well as his medical records.  Within these files is a wealth of information, with a hint of family history.

I decided to transcribe some of these records Amanuensis Monday and I want to start with his first enlistment contract dated October 29, 1957.

Enlistment Contract

1. Service Number: 9028255
2. Name: MANGIAFICO, Joseph Leonard
3. Rate Abbrev.: SR
4. Years Education: 7
5. Place of Birth: Boston, Mass.
6. Date of Birth: 20 Aug 39
7. Religion: Catholic
8. Citizenship: US
9. Marital Status: Single
10. Home Address: Everett, Middlesex, Mass.
11. Social Sec. No.: xxx xx 2684
12. Date of Enlistment: 29 Oct 57
13. Enlisted/Reenlisted in U. S. Navy: First enlistment
14. Branch & Class: USN
15. Term of Enlistment: 04 years
16. Enlistment Code: 1
17. Date Mil. Obl. Incurred: 29 Oct 57
18. Mil. OBL. Designator: A
19. Name of Activity Effecting Enlistment: US NAV CRUITSTA ONOP     BOSTON, MASS
20. Accepted at: Chelsea, Mass
21. Enlisted at: Boston, Mass.
22. Entitled to reen Bonus: No
23. Selective Service Local Board Number: 103, Everett, Middlesex, Mass.
24. Selective Service Number:
Not Assigned
25. AFQT Score: #6-32%
26. Prior Mil. Service: No
32. Active Duty Base Date: 10-57
33. Date Transferred: 29 Oct 57
34. Transferred to: NTC GREAT LATKES, ILL.
36. Description-Race: Caucasion Sex: male Color Hair: brown Color Eyes: brown Height: 64 1/2 Weight: 124 Complexion; ruddy
37. Marks and Scars: VSULA;S1/2"Forehead; OPS-RLQ;S1/2"RtKnee:

Signature: Joseph Leonard Mangiafico
29th day of October 1957

Report of Medical Examination

1. Last Name-First Name-Middle Name: MANGIAFICO, Joseph Leonard
3. Identification No. 9028255
4. Home Address: 13 Timothy Ave., Everett, Mass.
5. Purpose of Examination: Enlistment USN
6. Date of Examination: 16 Apr 57
7. Sex: M
8. Race: Cau
12. Date of Birth: 20 Aug 39
13. Place of Birth: Boston, Mass.
14. Name, Relationship and Address of Next of Kin: Paul Mangiafico (F) Same as #4
15. Examining Facility or Examiner and Address: AF ES, Army Base, Boton 10, Mass.
39. Identifying body Marks,Scars, Tattoos: VS ULA S1*2" forehead APP: scar solid S1/2" rt knee TT: Eagle and Clasped Hands and "Joe" RUA
44. Remarks and Additional Dental Defects and Diseases: Acceptable
45. Urinalysis: 1.016
46. Chest x-ray: AF ES Boston 16 Apr 57 neg
47. Serology: Hinton- neg mf
51. Height: 64 1/2
52. 124
53. Color Hair: brown
54. Color Eyes: brown
55. Build: slender
56. Temp. N
57. Blood Pressure: 110/60
58. Pulse: 72
59. Distant Vision: 20/20
64. Color Vision: normal BY AOC 1940
70. Hearing: 15/15
77. Examinee: is Qualified for Enlistment in the U.S. Navy for duty at sea and for foreign service.
79. Typed or Printed Name of Physician: CARL YUNGHANS, LT (MC) USNR

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