Saturday, April 2, 2011

Surname Saturday - Mangiafico

If you ask anyone with the last name Mangiafico, they will tell you that it means 'eat figs'.  But, according to the Dictionary of American Family Names:

The meaning of the name Mangiafico:
Southern Italian: from mangia 'eat' (from mangiare 'to eat') + fico 'fig', probably an allusion to a bird (the fig eater) and thence to a man associated with or thought to resemble the bird, rather than to a man who ate figs. 

I don't know what the brothers and sisters would say about someone thinking their ancestor resembled a bird.

According to these are the towns where the surname occurs in Sicily: 16 out of 390.

Towns are ordered by province and then by number of occurrences. 
In the left hand column is displayed the estimated number of individuals having the given surname shown in the right hand column. The numbers are shown with a two-decimal precision, meaning that a number of 106.10 estimates there are at least106 people in the town with that name, while the number 75.78 means there are likely 76 people in the town with that name. 
6.86Gravina di CataniaCtMangiafico
5.75Aci CastelloCtMangiafico
5.12Aci BonaccorsiCtMangiafico
2.75Sant`Alessio SiculoMeMangiafico
196.59Canicattini BagniSrMangiafico
15.30Priolo GargalloSrMangiafico

Our Mangiaficos come from Canicattini Bagni

I found this cool site today called GENS.  You can run a search on  your Italian surname and see where people with the surname live in the United States and in Italy.  Here is where the Mangiaficos are in the U.S.

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