Monday, February 28, 2011

One Step Closer to the Italian Roots

You should have seen the excitement around here today when I accidentally found hubby's Italian grandparents!

Today I noticed that I forgot to copy and paste the obituary of hubby's aunt, Beatrice Marmorale, in my database 7 years ago, so I was searching around to see if it was still online.  No such luck, looks like I am going to have to type it out (I'll post it on a Sunday). But Google did lead me to where I found a List of residents. (title varies) (Volume 1), which is one of many books by Boston Mass. Election Dept.

It read:

Reported Residence,
Jan. 1, 1944.
Maverick Street
Mangiafico Lena — f
Mangiafico Paul
Marmorale Beatrice — f

When I saw "Maverick Street", my heart started beating a little faster. I knew that sounded familiar.  So I pulled up the Naturalization images that I downloaded from a while back.

 Sure enough, they lived on Maverick Street! One of the reasons I wasn't sure that this was the right couple is because, for one the surname Mangiafico is like Smith in Italy.  I never knew that Poalo's middle name was Michele, he just went by Paul. Of course it doesn't help either that hubby never knew his grandparents. He never even met his father (that is for another post).

Zillow says that the house on 95 Maverick Street was built in 1900. Unfortunately there is no photo available.

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  1. Great news indeed. I checked Google maps to see if the address was close to where I frequently go, but it isn't. Wish I could have taken a picture for you. Have fun with your new discovery.
    February 28, 2011 7:13 PM